Rewire or repair?

There should not be any person sleeping in Australia without the protection of a smoke alarm. Division 7A of Part 9 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation 2000, states that smokes alarms must be installed in all buildings where people sleep. The installed alarm must also meet Australian Standards AS3786. 

For homeowners, NSW legislation states that a smoke alarm must be installed on every level of your home. Many owners become complacent once they have a smoke alarm installed, but in fact your alarm could be sitting there right now with a dead battery. A simple yearly maintenance call from us can check your smoke alarm is functional and protecting you.

For landlords, from March 2020 NSW legislation states that the smoke alarms in your properties must be in working order and be checked every year. The existing alarms must have the batteries replaced every year and the alarm replaced every 10 years. If an alarm is not working then it must be repaired within 2 business days. A maintenance schedule can be easily organised for your rental premise to ensure you are conforming to legislation.

Did you know that all caravans must a smoke alarm installed inside the van? There is very little time to escape a fire in a caravanned a working smoke alarm could be the difference between life and death.

Modern smoke alarms come with either a 9v battery that can be replaced, or a sealed lithium back up battery that can last for up to 6 years. There is also the choice between a surface mounted alarm or a flush finish.

For all of your smoke alarm needs, call Gordon Knott Electrical or contact us today

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