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One of the most critical parts of any electrical installation is the Lighting Design. From the mood lighting of your lounge room to the functional lighting of your kitchen these critical decisions help create your environment. Whether you are upgrading your existing lights or designing a new home, we can sit down with you and discuss your needs.


There are many aspects to installing lighting into your home. You might be thinking of incorporating the following into your design: 



LED Downlights

Strip Lighting

Wall Lights

Flood Lights

Sensor Lights

With the changes in technology ever increasing the quality of fittings available today are numerous. From eco-friendly and energy saving LED downlights that do not flicker or hum, to LED strip lighting that can be remotely controlled by an app on your phone. 

For your external lighting there can be security sensors to help you drive in at night or ambient lighting for your entertaining area. 

For all of your lighting  installation needs or repair, call Gordon Knott Electrical or contact us today

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